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Criado em 2008, o gabinete de arquitectura ME arquitectos surgiu vontade aliando design hotelaria


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Degree in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon, began his professional activity in the hotel business, projecting several hotels, with particular emphasis on the Algarve.

He served for about twelve years, the City of Lisbon, where, in addition to a consultant in several areas, is the author of projects of public space as well as various equipment.

Signs also rehabilitation projects for historic districts (with emphasis on the territories of St. Benedict, Baixa, Chiado and Mouraria).

Activity develops in parallel with private studio of its own, running projects and monitoring of work in the areas of housing (apartments, houses, villas, lots) and trade (restaurants, hotels, assisted living residences and spas). Participates in various competitions earning the 1st Prize in a competition for the execution of building support in the Cemetery of Benfica in Lisbon, and Honorable Mention for High Interest Conceptual rehabilitation project with the museology and the Convent of S. Francisco, in California.

Since 2008 the company develops its activity in itself - ME Architects (ModElementar, Ltd.).


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Portuguese Decorative Arts degree in the School of Decorative Arts, the Foundation Ricardo Espirito Santo Silva.

Develop their professional activities within the Design Environment, planning and execution of the Project, as well as consulting in the area of Heritage Conservation and Urban Rehabilitation, working with various entities, public and private.

As Technical Project Unit of the Baixa-Chiado (Department of the Municipality of Lisbon) held various positions, of which stands a consultancy under the Built Heritage.

Participates in various publications, lectures and seminars, developing themes under the Heritage and Conservation and Urban Renewal.

Collaborates with architect John Kingdom since 2003, developing their own business activity - Architects ME (ModElementar, Inc.) - since 2008.




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